Direct Energy Weapons Police works to help protect citizens of the United States of America from the Criminal Use of Direct Energy Weapons .

EIN# 88-3574767

Purpose: To investigate, “help” apprehend & arrest “Criminal” users of Direct Energy Weapons.

  • Stop Criminal use of handheld, portable direct energy weapons including street, illegal and homemade weapons.
  • Help protect the public from criminal use of Neuro Weapons.
  • Help protect the public from criminal use of Acoustic Weapons
  • Help Protect peace officers by informing & educating ALL about the types and use of Illegal, Legal, Handheld, Portable and Homemade Neuro Weapons & Technology – Sonic Weapons, Acoustic Weapons, Radio Frequencies (Voice To Skull) & Directed Energy Weapons at home and abroad.
  • Provide an Electric, Radio Frequency and magnetic field reader, detector and alarm. for every home & business throughout the United States of America.

A Division of Direct Energy Weapons Agency, Inc.

Creator: Ms. Mechael Wright-Hodges